Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers a minefield of content. One of the most common questions we get asked his where the heck do I find details on what pages my customer is viewing?

How to see your most popular pages

Understanding which of your page assets is the most popular is extremely important to allow you to understand your website audience and therefore better address there needs, or apply your marketing budget (and the right marketing message) to the most appropriate locations.

The information you need is available in analytics, if not immediately obvious as to it's location.

Step 1 - Log in to Analytics

Login to your analytics pages, if you have multiple sites you must then choose the website you are interested in.

You will then most likely arrive at a page labelled Audience Overview

Step 2 - Search for content

At the top left of this page (top of the left menu) is a search box labelled Find Reports & More

In this search box type content and you should see an option appear labelled:

Behaviour > Site Content > All Pages

This is the page you want!

An alternative method to locate it is to expand the Behaviour menu and then Site Content and choose All Pages.

Step 3 - Add it to your Dashboard

I would recommend you then add this to your dashboard. Just above the graph will be a grey menu bar which has a Add To Dashboard link.

Click it produces a pop-up where you can select which Dashboard to display on (Default will say My Dashboard(8 widgets)) and make sure you Check to Add both items.

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