How to extract One Page from a PDF Document

Sometimes you just need to extract a single (or range) of pages from an existing PDF document. Here are a couple of ways to do this either on an Apple Mac or a Windows PC.

Windows PC

(this is proven on windows 8) Open the PDF document and choose:

File -> Print

In the Printer Select Menu locate and choose the "Adobe PDF" printer.

Choose either Current Page or your range of Pages

Then click Print and a popup window will open asking for your destination folder and filename to save to.


NB. Some PDFs cannot be saved in this way, if this is the case a log file will get created instead detailing why.

If this fails, you may instead have to do it the manual method instead.

Manual Method

This requires you to take a Snapshot or Snip of the page allowing you to Copy and Paste it into a word document or email as a jpg image.

Option 1 - Use PDF Readers Take a Snapshot feature

With the PDF open go to the menu and choose:

Edit -> Take a Snapshot

Then highlight the Area or Page you want (by holding the left mouse button and dragging). Whatever you have then selected will be available in your clipboard, so open Word or a new email and Edit -> Paste (or CTRL+V) the image into your document..

Option 2 - Use the Windows Snipping Tool

Open the Windows Snipping Tool by pressing the Windows button (or clicking the start menu) and typing Snipping Tool (which should auto open a search menu) and choose it from the list of Programs that should appear.

Pre-open your PDF and highlight and scroll to the the page you want. Then go to the Snipping Tool and choose New. This should make your screen windows go faded slightly allowing you to highlight the area you want (by holding the left mouse button and dragging).

Once complete the new Snip will be displayed where you can either Copy it or Save it as a image.

Apple Mac

(This is proven on OS X) This one's just as easy. Open the PDF using Apple Mac's (built in) Preview App. The in the menu choose:

File -> Print

Choose either Selected Page in Sidebar or your range of Pages

Then in the bottom Left of this window you will see a PDF select menu item. click this and choose "Save as PDF".
A Save As window will appear prompting you to choose a filename and a folder location to save the file.



photo credit: Philippines - Report II Spread via photopin (license)

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