Building a Node server Daemon (on Ubuntu)

How to run your node.js based platform into production. And have it run permanently in the background as a service (even after a reboot).

To achieve this were are going to use an application called supervisor which comes with most distro's. in Ubuntu if it's not installed already, then install it using:

apt-get install supervisor

check the version using:

supervisorctl version
> 3.0a8

At time of writing my version is: 3.0a8 which is already out of date as the latest is actually 3.1.3, but for now I don't care about that.

We then need to create a config file for our Node App (lets assume it's called MyNodeApp and it's being run from a folder: /var/www/mynodeapp/)

create the config file:

nano /etc/supervisor/conf.d/mynodeapp.conf

and paste the following into it (then save):

command = node /var/www/mynodeapp/index.js  
directory = /var/www/mynodeapp  
user = www-data  
autostart = true  
autorestart = true  
stdout_logfile = /var/log/supervisor/mynodeapp.log  
stderr_logfile = /var/log/supervisor/mynodeapp_err.log  
environment = NODE_ENV="production"  

Make supervisor rescan the available configs:

supervisorctl update

Start the App using Supervisor:

supervisorctl start mynodeapp

To stop your App:

supervisorctl stop mynodeapp

keep an eye on what is going on by tailing the log files.

tail -f /var/log/supervisor/mynodeapp.log

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